Unlock Housing – Summary Feb 2021

As we move into a state election and ongoing recovery, we have the opportunity to reflect on what type of society we want to build, using our creativity, investment, and collective efforts to create a future that makes us inspired and proud.
Through strong stewardship, leadership and resolve from government, and a collaborative, partnership approach with the community sector and people with lived experience of housing insecurity we can ensure that everyone has a place to call home
COVID-19 has shown governments can and must move swiftly to keep us all safe – we need the same resolve to the housing crisis facing thousands of Western Australians.

More people than ever before are experiencing homelessness or housing stress across WA. Limited stock and highly priced rental properties leave tenants unable to find a home, which will only get worse when the moratorium on rent increases and evictions ends in March 2021. 17,000 households are on the wait list for social housing. More than 1,000 people in WA sleep rough every night and another 8,000 are the ‘hidden homeless’ – people with no choice but to couch surf or sleep in their cars.

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