housing shortage


More people than ever before are experiencing homelessness or housing stress across WA. Intensified by the Covid-19 pandemic, limited stock and highly priced rental properties leave tenants unable to find a home. Nearly 17,000 households are currently on the wait list for social housing. More than 1,000 people sleep rough in WA every night and another 8,000 are the ‘hidden homeless’ – people with no choice but to couch surf with or sleep in their cars.

Everyone has a right to a place to call home

With the re-elected Labor Government, we have an opportunity to reflect on what type of society we want to build, using our creativity, investment, and collective efforts to create a future that makes us inspired and proud.

Through strong stewardship, leadership and resolve from government, and a collaborative partnership approach with the community sector and people with lived experience of housing insecurity we can ensure that everyone has a place to call home. COVID-19 has shown governments can and must move swiftly to keep us all safe – we need the same resolve to the housing shortage facing thousands of Western Australians.

It’s time to address the housing shortage

The Feb 2021, Unlock Housing package was developed pre-election.

A new post election package is progressing which takes a nuanced and pragmatic approach that is adaptive and responsive to current building and construction pressures. The package is market achievable and deliverable with a focus on what can be delivered now whilst planning for pipelines of construction of work.

This will be released shortly

The housing package proposes:

  • Investing in social and affordable housing
  • Fixing the housing system
  • Ending homelessness